Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

NEW SINGLE 'Too Tired' Release 20.02.2015

So Im just giving myself a little pinch, to make sure this is really happening. My long awaited Album is on the brink of release and is singing Engelbert Humperdinck at the top of it's voice. It's time and I'm quite excited. First stop of the journey is on 20.02.2015, with an online SINGLE RELEASE of 'TOO TIRED' on itunes, Amazon & co.
Check it out here: Listen to 'TOO TIRED' 

The Album 'Golly Gosh!' is a self-penned, stylistic rollercoaster ride, taking a look at the two worlds of melancholic songwriting and British 'tongue-in-cheek' fun!

Show your support by pre-ordering the Single and get ready for the ALBUM RELEASE on 27.03.2015!!

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